B2ST/BEAST "Shock Of The New Era" Showcase in Malaysia!

B2ST/BEAST (Boys of the East Standing Tall) is here at Malaysia on 27th June 2010.

BAAM! This is where i went on Saturday!

To be honest, I don't actually expect alot of fans there.
But, yeah. I underestimated.
Fans turned out more than i expected.

I am not going to scold Universal Music Malaysia for that bad management.
Oh well, they should have choosen a better venue.
KL Live just isn't big enough for fans. 
But 1 thing I have to say is,
they should have hire a better security guards.
Cause the security guards on that day sucks like anassholegoddamnit.yeah.
You know what he said?
"Those that have no t-shirt will wait after those with tshirt went in only can go in. If the venue is full, then SORRY!"
like wtf? -.- asshole.
SuperShow2's rockpitt queue is worse, but the security guards are nice! 

the ticket for the entrance. :D
I was waiting for 9 hours. And it worth. I think.xD

*the below photos are low quality photos, sorry*
This is how it looks like in KL Live. <33

Bad Girl~~ :D weird pose.LOL!

Down, down we gotta get down~

Dongwoon is hella hot! He doesn't even looks like a Korean! So, western look.
and yeah. I love him moar after the showcase.xD

Kikwang, HyunSeung, JunHyung. :]
And i recorded video. Low quality video that is.
Am too lazy to upload that. And it's too LowQuality.

Jajang! The album that they signed.
Look at Doojoon's sign.T_T it was smudged.T_T
I was toooooo nervous to say anything to them.
All i said is thankyou.
Yoseob's smile kills! He was like looking at me, and said thankyou, and smile.
And i stunned! XDD
AND! Doojoon was like "aigooooooo~~" when the girl in front of me gave him a paper with words.x]
Doojoon too cute!

:]]]] In conclusion, i enjoyed that night.
The boys are soooo much more handsome real life than in pictures. I swear.
They are all so hawtt! No doubt.

I hoped Super Junior will have a fan-meeting here soon~ x]

Let's all get SHOCKED!
*i do not own the video below* Credits to:Ethan Lu.

Oh yeah,
I got my Superjunior's Bonamana Album on Saturday too.
Both Version A and B!
And T-ara's Absolute First Album.
:] Was dissapointed that i din't get LeeTeuk's photocard.
Nevermind. Eunhyuk is my 2nd bias.xD
And i got Reowook for my Vers.B. xD he's so cute.

And ta-da.
The songs are sooooo nice. 

Without school,



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