Korea Republic ftw

It's time for 2010 Fifa World Cup at South Africa!

During the 2006 world cup, i was complaining to my dad, why is he watching a whole bunch of people fighting over a little ball that i can't even see properly where it is.
But now, i'm actually interested in football.
oh well, i guess it's because of ex-school mates that always plays and talk about football.ohwaittheyplayfutsal

And in the mean time, yes i mean now.
i'm so into Koreans.
so yeah, almost everything is about Korea.
even my dad and mum 's cars are korean car.
So obviously, i'm rooting for Korea. XD

xD Jungsoo. I know you're in great spirits.lolol.
The dorks. wooots. xD Eunhyuk's expression is priceless.
above pictures are for the sake of showing off the dorkiness of superjunior.

They are knowns as the Asian Red Devils.


South Korea 's National Football team logo.

Park Ji Sung. 30 this year.
Captain of the team.
A player for Man.United.
Shirt number: 7

Lee Chung Young. 22 this year.
Known as the Green Dragon, translated from his name.
Shirt number: 17 

players' photo credit to: fifa.com

*Why I only posted 2 of them?
Er. Cause just the two of them caught my eyes during the match.XD

I went to a mamak stall to watch SouthKorea vrs Greece match.
And when Park Ji Sung score.
many uncle uncle abang abang there keep saying "wah wah wah, parkjisung! score la.", "wuiyoh,parkjisung!".
eheh. pretty cool. he's famous!

oh yeah! i really liked the audience sit colour during the match.
It's so..... RED! :] And how they waved their flags. maan.

if only Malaysia can get into world cup. inmydreams!
then maybe i'll won't root for Malaysia.

Can't wait for Japan's match.
Yes, i support Asia country. :]

One last thing,
Messi is sooooooo friggin white.

omg. can't believed i typed so many.
people will ignore my post. i'm sure. lol. T-T
you know, comments are much appreciated.
although what i typed is just a bunch of nonsense.
thankyou. ;]



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