If i continued my piano lessons;

I apologized that i haven't upload the photos of the fin girl.
lol. i was just too lazy to upload. :P

신지호 Jacob Jiho Shin.
this dude is now my obssession.

NO! It's not because he'a a korean or he's good-looking or any other shit.
it's because he can PIANO!
there's something weird inside me,
whenever i sees a guy play a classical song.
i'll feel like crying.
that's the reason why i love teukie so much.

Piano was the first instrument i learned.
I stopped it when i'm 12. :(
I was Grade Six when i'm 12. Was once so proud.
I really do regret stopping it now. 
I once hated piano so much,
now I'm in loved with it.
How ironic.
I feel touched everytime i listen to him with the piano.
he compose his own song.
he played Fur Elise with his own version.
he rocks.

I really wants to share his video here.
But he uploads all his video in his cyworld.
And i don't know how to download it from there.
so, =(

Click here to his cyworld.
And click video.
And viola! there's his videos.
*Remember to listen to his Fur Elise version.
Click Video-->ⓒⓛⓐⓢⓢⓘⓒ ♪
there's only one video there.
that's the video.*


with the loves of the piano,heart and soul;



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