Merdeka! He said.
Bringing different races of people together, they all shouted.

Race problem was always there. Always.
So this 1 Malaysia thing become a slogan for Malaysia.
I was thinking, wow. maybe the race problem will dissapear now.
but no, i guess.
During the ramadan month,
A headmistress from a school at Kedah,
called us Chinese to go back to China.
And doesn't let Chinese to eat at school at all.
Maybe the Chinese there ate infront of the Muslims, and that's disrespect.
You can scold. But not say something that will affect the race problems.
And somehow,

Namewee. He posted a video to scold the headmistress.
And this caused more problems.

And oh, look. Some Malays scolding Chinese.

Yeah, race problems are always there.
But still, we'll live peacefully. :)
Happy 31st August eventhough i'm late.
Oh wait, there's still September 16! :D
Long live Malaysia. :D



  1. Hurm, so sad for this to still happen. But it's not from majority of people right? feel happy to be part of Malaysians.

    Happy Merdeka Day!! ^^

  2. what to do.. malay-sia boleh mah =)


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