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I promised to blog about the fingirl, Jenni's trip in our house.
So here it is. xD
Random photos. Cause I'm too lazy to type much. heh.

After her first night here,
we brought her to a place near Port Dickson.

guess what? It was 12pm when we were there.
It was friggin hot. The sun was sunny.
I thought i was going to faint or something. xD
Then we went for lunch.

Went to try Durians too! XD
She doesn't like it at all.
She only took 1 bite. Haarharr.

I've got school.
So my mum's friend's son took her for shopping and stuffs.

One fine day after school.
My mum suggests to climb the Batu Caves.
Batu Caves' the place we bring them to go everytime we hosts someone.
And yeah, we went.  
We took a free ride from Sentul to Batu Caves on KTM.
It was the first day of the new line. 
So we got to sit it for FREE! :) 

While waiting for the train. Muma and Jenni.

The view from the top of the cave. 
I actually climbed the stairs. xD woo.
Good exercise.xD

It was holiday or something, I forgot.
We went to Penang.

Nice place. :)
Doggy! <3 My Zodiac.xD

The statue still in progress. hmm.

Penang = Beach. Beach = Swim.
Penang = Swim.
So of course i won't miss this chance to swim.xD
Mann, i miss the beach! xD

She stayed in our hosue for about 2 weeks.
Then she went to another host family at Countries Height.
They took her to Redang Island. *omg. i miss Redang.D: *

Then she went to her 3rd host family at Kelantan.
LOL! She bought 23m of batik at Kelantan.
At the airport. Departure hall. :)
The other blonde girl was another girl from Finland.

That's about it. :)

Teaser for the next post!



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