insanely insane;

blog getting rusty.

2 more papers to go. (:
Bio and Physics.
Insanely, i'm in love in physics.
Yes physics. :) Harhar.

And i'm insanely in love in you. I guess.
But it felt weird. ._.
You talked to me twice.
Twice is more than enough to make me fall for you.
And i can't believe i was actually happy because i said hi to u.
Man, i'm easy and so wrong.
But still. You're the wrong one.
HAHA. I cant fcking believe u did that to my friend.
Bah whatever.
One thing for sure. I'm not a racist anymore! :D

I have too much stuffs in my mind right now.

Sometimes i think i'm not worth being treated so good to.

I'm grateful to have a friend like you.
Thanks, i meant it. (:
Keep your money and buy stuffs you need k.
Love ya. :)

November go hangout.
Let u take photos dao enough la! :D

You know what?
Lansok is fun. :P (lansok=be friends with someone randomly)
I used to scold those lansoks are a bunch of ass.
but hey. it's fun la okay. XD
i'm sorry to those i scolded. xD
Knowing more people is a good thing. Tee-Hee!

No photos for this post. :)
Goood luck to those having exams nao! :D



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