Hello peeps. :D

Hi people.
Greetings from Japan! :D
loving the weather here. :D coooold!
would want to upload some photos here, but i'm too lazy.
will do after i'm back in Malaysia. ;D
but you can still check out some in my facebook.

I miss Nasi Lemak! :@
I love Sushi! <3
I miss rain. D:
I love cold weather. :D

People in Japan is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal polite. ==
students will say 'konichiwa' to you when you're in their school.
shop owner will serve you so politely and say thanks,welcome and so on.
sooo polite, i'm not kind of used to. ._. 
that made me kinda polite too. keep bowing. XD

will go back to Malaysia after 11 days.
time flies eh. D:

school open on 3rd of Jan. D:
going back at 8th of Jan. D:
I don't want school.
I don't want SPM ! D:<



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