update update update. :D

say hi to dear dslr. :D
Wanted to get Nikon D3100 actually,
the salesman said Olympus E-620 is better than D3100.
That's why end up getting E-620. :) I'm lovin' it!
I suck at photographing. :O i need practiseeee. XD

6 more days till i leave Malaysia~~~
wants to update my bloggie before i leave :P
hope i'll get to online there. ;D

got no idea why i'm sooooo friggin stress nowadays, lol. ._.
alot of things to prepare.
souvinier, clothings, slides, speech, etc.
i iz srsly out of time. :X
sad d.

people reading this i'm sorry for wasting ur time. ._.

Christmas is neaaaaaaaar. ;)
what's your plan?
spend your time with  friends,lover or family? :D
Hi money, come spend christmas with me. XD

I'll be spending mine in Japan!
Exicted to see snow, WHITE CHRISTMAS. <3
I miss Korea's snow. D:
you people here in Malaysia better miss me. xD
i'll on facebook on the 3rd day there i think. :D
wait for me in facebook! XD

random random random :X



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