Tune talk mobile prepaid owns.

If you're a friend of mine in facebook,
you might knew that i was lucky enough to try out TuneTalk for free thanks to Nuffnang :D

Do you often check on your credit balance every now and then and realize that your credit decreased, but got no idea why?
Often received messages from your telco company saying their having offers and stuffs?
Do you know how much you're paying when you're calling or messaging to others?
Different telco have different calling and messaging rates to other telco company.
Do you really know how much does it cost clearly?
That's the problem facing by prepaid users.

Got no idea using which telco company is the best when you have different friends using different type of telco company? 
TuneTalk it is then.
It has the lowest rate nationwide and it's all flat rates no matter which telco you're calling/messaging.
5sen/MB data.

By using Tune talk mobile,

  • You earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights for every top up. The best thing is the points will NEVER EXPIRE! Check out www.tunetalk.com for more info about the flight points.
  • Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa 
  • Not happy with your number? You can change your number anytime. 
  • Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime. That's what all we wanted.

I'm one of those that uses the phone alot,
for both texting and calling.
And i found out Tune Talk really save me quite some money.
I normally top up rm50 for a month.
But after using tune talk for around a month, i still have half of the credit balance.
Talk about low rates!

And tune talk's line is better than my existing telco's line.
I usually needs to talk near the window/door so that the line will be better.
but i don't need it with TuneTalk, i can have good line inside of my house.

Did i mentioned that you'll get a 10% discount on Justin Bieber's concert in Malaysia with a Tune Talk sim card?
It's all about the Bieber Fever!! 

So what are you waiting for?
Go get a TUNE TALK sim card now!



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