3-11 Japan 8.9 Earthquake.

The biggest earthquake they ever had in Japan.
The world 5th largest earthquake.
On 11 March 2011, 2.48pm Japan time,
a 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit Japan.
followed by a tsunami around 10 meter tall hit Sendai, Japan.

A ship trapped by the whirlpool.

Got washed up by the tsunami.

The Japanese are still queuing up properly eventhough they're in panic state. 
This is what we people should learn from the Japanese. 

Hope the death and missing rate of Japanese will reduce as many as possible. :'(
They are suffering a lot now without electric and water.
It's still very cold in Japan now and they don't have electricity to keep warm. =(

News are still reporting about Japan situation.
It sadden me to look at those photos and report of death.




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