Big Bang Is Back!

Being such a hardcore Korea fan,
Bigbang's come back is the thing that you can't miss. :D
Big Bang's 2years hiatus is finally over.
and they're back even greater with their new song-'Tonight'! :D

Check out their MV if you haven't yet.

I'm totally loving G-dragon's hair. :D
And Seunggri is as hot as always! <3

Live stage on their Big Show in Seoul.

This is also one of their new song.
I personally like this song alot. :D

Big bang just won the first on K-chart on Music Bank on Friday,
following by first place in M!Countdown on Saturday,
and Mutizen in Inkigayo on Sunday!
Their comeback in one of the most anticipated artist in 2011. :D
They're so going to top all those charts out there. (:

But then i miss listening to 'Haru-Haru' and 'Lie'. :D
This 2 songs are the most epic win song you'd ever listen.
No other song can replace this 2 songs.
Haru haru is the first song i listened from them,
and i fell into that song so much i listened to it everyday nonstop last time. ;D

conclusion is,



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