Harajuku Crepes?

Despite all those shits that happen at school,
I still enjoy my life as a teenager. ;D
Weee. I'm officially Seven-teen this Friday! x)
Yes, I'm getting old i know. =(

Just wanted to update my blog a bit,
abandon it for too long. HEHE. I'm busy la okay.

Harajuku crepes anyone?
I missed eating the one at Japan. D:

Looks yummy fake crepes. xD

Waiting for the crepes. ;D 

My friend bought the salty one, with meat in it. 

I ate the salty one at Japan too.
Am gonna try the fruits one next time! x)
And no worries anyone, they aren't using creams from Japan.

You can find this shop at Pavillion, 5th floor, opposite of the cinema counter. :D

Can't wait for my birthday to come. xD



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