Review for Gantz The Movie

Went to watch Gantz the movie today with Chian Ni. :)
Gantz was just on Malaysia cinema on 7th of April.
It was a anime filmed into a real action movie.
I din't really know how the story is cause i din't watch the animation.
Not really hoping alot from the movie,
but it was better than i thought. ;D
It was great!

I was in exicted and nervous mood through out the movie.
Doesn't really have time to take a break from the screen.
It's a action film and daaamn bloody. o-o

The main actor is Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi. (lower right)
And Kenichi Matsuyama that act as Death Note's famous 'L'. (lower left)

Last but not least, my new fav from the movie-Kanata Hongo.
he doesn't appear alot in the movie tho. =( 
He is also one of the cast of Nana2. ;D 

The movie is about how they fight to live their own life and to save their important.  :)
Everyone have their own destined life,
and you need the right time,place and people to show your own ability.

This was the trailer for Japan tho.
I think Malaysia doesn't have a trailer for the movie. =(

i dont think Malaysia will make this movie on cinema for long.
There's only 3 shows per day. ._.
Hoping that GSC will take Gantz part 2 to Malaysia.
I need to see the part 2. O___O

5 thumbs up for the movie! :D
Recommend you people out there to watch it. :D



  1. lol.. i saw this comic before..
    hen nice pls.. but 18+ de =(
    i saw dao 9/10 ep.. then stop d ==

  2. yaya.
    but the movie only PG13. LOL.


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