Feels so good;

2 weeks of holiday,
totally what i need.
No extra classes in school this time, YAY!

Preparing to do experiment?

During March holiday extra bio classes,
that's how we heat up water for instant cup noodle. ._.
And i got tummy ache the next day. HAHA!

I wasn't really a lipstick lover.
i normally don't put on lipstick when i go out, just eyeliner and mascara.
But hell,
I want to get myself one of this.
M.A.C. Vivi Glam Lady Gaga II lipstick.
Not sure whether MAC shop in Malaysia have it or not.
I'm gonna go check it out in the store soon.

New video from kevjumba, nigahiga and chestersee.
Nice guys finish last, that's why i treat you like trashes~
I'm very in love in KEVIN.
He's so hot, i nearly died at his smile at 2:06 in the video. xD

I need to work up on my makeup skills! D:<
I want loads of makeup brushes. xD
Hmm, i should do something about my eyebrow.

Okay, this post is getting real random. .__.
Promise to have better blog post next time.
*pinky promise*



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