Watched this movie on early March.
I wanted to blog about this movie a long time ago
haven't got the time to save all the pics down.
that's why.
note : the photos below does not belong to me.
It's from Tumblr.

btw, this movie was nominated on 2010 Oscar's Award.

Sin and Punish.

The movie started off with the main character,
the teacher that lost her dearest daughter talking to a class of 13 years old students.
She confessed that her daughter was killed by 2 of her students-Student A and B.
But they will not get caught by the police even they killed someone, because they are underage.
So she decided to teach them the importance of LIFE.
She injected blood with HIV disease into the 2 students' milk carton.
Her revenge starts.
Confession of the Teacher.

The scene where her daughter was killed by Student B.
After listening to B's confession, I understood why he did that.
It was too sad. 

This is A. 
He continue going to school eventho everyone knew he's the murderer.
And he got bullied. 

He cut his hand.

And he did this.
Everyone was in shock cause they thought he had HIV.

He, did this too.
Just to scare the shit out of those students.

And he met this girl.
Lunasea, the girl that killed her own family. 

But A killed her. 
I wont tell you why.
Watch it yourself. :P

The scene where A is planning his Master Plan.

Confession of A.
"pa-chak"- the sound when you lost something.


Confession of B,
I pity her mum. T-T

He went mad,
when he thought he got HIV. 
Went to a convenient store and dirty everything in the store.


My confession after watching this movie

5 out of 5 Stars for this movie. (:
the starting will be a bit slow motion.
but things will get much more interesting after one hour.
It took me some time to digest the whole movie down. :P
The way the director filmed the whole movie, too beautiful.
This movie really showed what happened to our generation nowadays.
Cruel but true.



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