Day at Harajuku.

Going to start blogging about my Japan trip more specificly. ;D
I know it's 7 months ago since i came back from Japan. -_-
But blogging it will prevent me from forgetting the places i went.
I'll blog it according to the places instead of day. (:

First place, Harajuku street at TOKYO!
Harajuku is famous for their street fashion.
You can actually find lots of stalls selling lolitas clothing. :D

The starting of Harajuku street.
The balloons decoration change according to seasons i think.

Just at the starting of the street,
you can see a Daiso shop there and a Johnny's artist merchandise stall.
Loads of Arashi,Hey Say Jump! and KAT-TUN. :D

Seee! Lolita clothes. :D
Make me go squeeling everytime i see these stalls. :D

And i'm obsess with leather! :D

The ending of the street.
There's a Lady Gaga advertisement by Android AU.
*imagining Arashi's Android AU CM* :D

Last but not least,
The crepes from Harajuku is a must try! :)
the taste of the Ham crepe is still in my mind. xD
there's a food court there at Harajuku street, and a few restaurant there. (:

Totally loved Harajuku. :)



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