National Service / PLKN Malaysia.

So the list for National Service Series 9/2012(for all 94-ers) was out on Sunday.
On Monday, the whole form 5 was talking about it for the whole day.
And then a few of us can't wait to know the result and can't access their webpage for the whole day.
so we called their office 03-40274747  i can memorize the number already. -.-

and guess what?
i'm the chosen one. :)
I don't know what to feel at that very moment. -_-

went to double check at their web a few days later.
and i'm still chosen. D:

I know it's fun.
i don't want to waste my three months there,
i can earn more than 700ringgit doing part time a month la weih. T-T
I planned to go to Japan,Singapore and New Zealand before i start studying one leh.

If you still haven't check yours yet.
Go to
or sms to 15888
or call 03-40274747
to check.

Best of lucks to all chosen one.
Hope we got the same camp! xD



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