Sabah, Part2-Mari-Mari Cultural Village

As promised,
continue to blog about my trip in Sabah.

Mari-Mari Cultural Village,
a place where i get to see what i had been listening for years during history class. lol yeah.
Paid 75 riggit Malaysia per pax, including food.

A really nice place near the waterfall.

Before going into the village,
the guide told us to be prepared.
The tribe will come out from the shrubs and shout,
just to scare away outsider like the normal tribe do.
But obviously they're all trained actors, duhh. - -
maybe they're the real tribes but they are obviously acting now.

How they cook Lemang, rice cooked inside a bamboo.
they have different name there, i forgotten what was it. :P

I was excited to see the word 'rice wine'.
but awwww. it's tasteless. D:

Then the really weird bee house.
It's in a bamboo.
eheh, our guide's tummy o_o

The bee girl.
she served us honey ignoring all the big bee humming around her.
she swings her hand to shoo away bee. LOL. At first i thought it was flies.
then only i realize it's beeeeee. o_o
ignore my shitty face please.

then the guide show us how he starts a fire without a lighter.
I'm amused. xD

that thing he's wearing,
it's made from tree bark. ;O

making some traditional desert for us.

there's a story behind this creature.

playing with the shooting thingie.
they used to use it to kill people.

trampoline in a house! :O
i was really really shocked.
they can actually build a trampoline in a small house. o_______________o

Jumping on a trampoline to touch the thing on top of the ceiling.
Pose win, face epic win. LOL sorry handsome.

Then they have the traditional dance show.

And i feel like crying.
this is sooooo shitty, why they choose me up? T__T
this is so humiliating. T_T

the staffsss! (: 
the girls are pretty. :DD

our guide! :D

er, smile? =目 

Seafoods in Sabah?
hmmm, YUM! :D

心不是讲笑的干. -_-
喝多点水吧, 朋友.



  1. Hi, I plan to visit this place soon may I know which travel agent you book?


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