AKB - what?

ok. i have nothing to blog. --
so i'm going to blog about my new obsession. :P

So, over the weekend
I've been watching AKB48's drama series called Majisuka Gakuen.
And, i can't really believe that i'm now a AKB 48 fan. -__-
But obviously i cannot recognize all of the members,
like 60 members? wtf. -_-

i only recognize some of them.
and Watanabe Mayu is my favourite of all!
She's so cute.

She was in Taiwan few months ago,
for Taiwan's AKB48 merchandise shop opening.

So angelic. :D 

Hohoho. I like the girl behind her too. xD 

Okay. Thanks for wasting your time to finish reading this post.
FYI, i'm normal. :P
I love hot guys still. (:




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