Akihabara, Tokyo

Since i just blogged about AKB yesterday.
I thought i should blog about my trip at Akihabara,Tokyo also. :D
Akihabara is known as the Otaku and Electric City in Japan.
It's full of IT stuffs, electronics, anime, and maid cafe.

The main street of Akihabara.

SEGA! And some figure i don't know what is that. -_-

So cute right? :D There's a lot more cute building there. 

And then the Japanese camp staff took us to the Maid Cafe.
The whole building is made cafe only. =.=

This is stick inside the lift. 
Danso! it's a girl dressed in a boy suit.

Right outside of the maid cafe we went.
But we din't went in and sit, cause it's tooooo costly. D: 
I swear i'll go in the next time i go to Akihabara.

There's a bulletin board full of maid cafe advertisement. :O 
Real chio. Akihabara is all about maid cafe. 

Girls dressed in maid suit can be seen on the street giving out leaflet.
They don't care you're a girl or a boy, Japanese or not, they'll just give u the leaflet.
And most of them can't speak English. T_T 
I wanted to take photo with one of the girl, but failed. D: 

The AKB48 theater! I was really hyper when i saw this. 
HAHAHA. Not because of AKB la. It's because of Big Bang on the screen. :P




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