A new start?

heh, sorry.
I still have the bad habit of leaving my blog for days, weeks, months.
A new start? I doubt that. :O
I don't really want to have a new start.
For the very first time, i want everything to remain how it was. :)

I know it's 10days late.
But still, I need to conclude everything that happened in 2011. :D
I've been busy? hahahah not really.
But today is the only day i get to stay at home for the whole day since holiday started. :D

My 2011 first time:
First time crying at the airport when i'm on the phone with Hiroki and his family.
First time spending my new year without my family.
First time going for a movie screening.
First time got paid for blogging.
First time got round up at the canteen and have almost the whole class singing birthday song to me.
First time playing roller coaster during winter.
First time having a snowflake land on my tongue.
First time spending my Christmas on the plane.
First time walking on the street with snow falling on the first day of the year.
First time donating blood.
First time being a ghost in school bazaaria.
First time having a cup noodle while walking on the street at 2degree Celsius.
First time singing on the road at night with a bunch of crazy girls.
First time drinking vodka and gin.
First time getting drunk.
First time going up the great wall of China.
First time going abroad with friend.
First time got rejected by Korea custom and need to go to the office for questioning. WTF.
First time driving a car eventhou i haven't get my license yet.
First time spending 7 hours on the plane feeling extremely sad.
First time had someone wished me Merry Christmas on the phone. (;

I think i din't miss anything out :D

Oh and, i spent my winter at Korea and Beijing with a bunch of awesome people. :D
I wanted to blog about it, but i don't know where to start. xD

2012, i'm 8teen! :O
Sheeet i feel old.
But i want an awesome 18th birthday. :P

Okay, last but not least,
I want to thanks EVERYONE of you that made my 2011 so great. *90 degrees bow*
And hello to everyone that will make my 2012 great too. (:

I'm sorry if i wasn't the greatest girl you know. (: 
But I hope i can make you feel better when you're feeling tired and down. 
There's a lot of things i wanted to tell you, but I don't know how to express my feelings. 
Thanks for changing my life a little. xD 



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