Nail #1

When i'm extremely bored at home,
means it's nail time! :D

Was randomly browsing through tumblr the other day,
and saw a nail design like the one below,
so i decided to do it too! xD
It was easier than i thought, eventho i still screwed up a lot. LOL.
I guess being patient is the key to pretty nails. :D The problem is i have no patient! :P

Credit: Pshiiit

#1 Paint your nails black. Or any other colors you like, it's after all - creativity!
#2 I used scotch tape instead of normal cellophane tape.
     Cut tape randomly into triangle shape.
 #3 Stick it randomly on painted nails. (Make sure your nails are COMPLETELY dried before doing this, or else the nail varnish will get pulled off together when you remove the tape later.)

#4 Paint another layer of color that would suit the background color. But i guess it's better to use a glittery one instead of a normal color to make it stands out more. I guess? HAHA.

#5 GENTLY pull out the tape.
#6 Wait for it to dry.
#7 Apply topcoat


It's really crappy when you see it so near. And the shadow from the photo is HORRIBLE. ):
But it looks great from far. #fakeone

i need more inspiration.



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