Define definite

Hmm hmm hmm.
Blogger change it's look.
Need to get use to the change. ._.

Everything seems to be changing quite a lot around me these few weeks.
Especially my daily life. I'm definitely not loving the change for now.
I really really miss how i spent my December. It still aches now when i think back those times.
Let me go back in time and stay there please. ._.

I don't want to start my college life. ):
A-level is kinda stress i think.
Everyday class ends earliest at 4pm. ._. Latest at 6pm.
I'm starting to feel the stress even before the class actually starts. -.-

So, i'm officially 18. ._.
Not a good thing at all.
I want to be a kid, a teenager.
Where I can act as crazy and stupid as i want.
18 means responsibility and stuffs. ): UHHH.

Spent my birthday with Stella. (:
Which she will be leaving to Sydney soon for studies.
Hahhh, good luck la woman. :D
And thanks for EVERYTHING.



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