Happy birthday to me!

21st April.
A rather simple and early celebration with Xiaohui,Yihung,Bokyu and Weisheng (:
Too bad ChoonKei can't come D:  And where is HongWen and Puvan?!
If 3 of them came then it'll be perfect. :D

Babi xiaohui lied to me! ):
She said she was going to bring me out on that day but end up bringing two handfull of stuff standing infront of my house door with Yihung. ._.
I'm not surprised by Yihung @:
I knew u will come. ahahhaha. just my 6th sense!
No la, i know you very good to me one, sure will appear. :D

And then the future chef starts cooking.
Er er, my 3rd mother. :D

And this gay decides stand in the kitchen play Ipad. :@ 

Panception :D

After countless hours standing in the kitchen, finally fooood is ready :D
CORDON BLEU. T^T yum yum yum.

I never expect WeiSheng will come. ._. Never.
Ah bok, i din't know you're such a good son. xD

:D Went to Stella's house for sleepover.
wanted to beer one, but end up yoga battle in her room. lol. 
When want go for beer? T^T

I'm glad I din't expect a lot. 
Last year, i din't spend my birthday with them. 
It's great to spend it with them this year. 
Simple but it meant a lot. :D 
Rather spending it with lots of people, spending with the people that are important to me is much greater. 

Thanks for the wishes on facebook that i gave up replying. 
And thanks those that did made an effort to call or text me. You guys are precious :D 
Thanks Tzeyee and Carmen's present. Hoho. Carmen i love your present! 
Saraaaaa where is my surprise? hahahahah :D 



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