Never realized it had been 2 months since i started a levels. 
Life is different. 
My daily routine is so packed.

Still not used to being in a class with so many boys in it. ._.
Being 2 years in a girls' school,
I'm so used to exposing myself to girls. Being extremely out of control.

Ahhh. I sometimes still regret for not choosing my own path. :/ 
The ironic part is that I don't even know what I really want.

Being with a group of people.
A bunch of weird but special people.
I think I'm a really lucky person.
I'm always lucky enough to know people that are extremely awesome.

SEEEEE. These bunch of awesome people. :D

Experienced alot of different things during these 2 months.
Gave away many of my first time again! :D

I love how my life is for now,
despite the fact that my sisters are all grown up and time for family is decreasing drastically.
Now that I'm an young adult, I need to be less dependent, and act like an adult. D: Why.

Being independent, that's what I'm learning now. 
Being confident, that's what I need. 
Being outgoing, that's the hardest thing to be.

Oh! and i realized, after being in college.
I'm getting lesser and lesser sleep day by day. 
I need more sleep! D: 

Can't wait for tonight's Korean Cultural Night!
Cute Koreans guy!
I'm going to see the Korean's tkd demo with my own eyes!
And of course Team Arena! I miss you guys like crazy T-T
Finally get to see their demo!



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