Hi. How are you? Hoping you're not having insomnia anymore. I still feel guilty and sorry. :/ I'm doing great. And I wish you're doing great too. 
Endless time I wanted to tell you that. But I think it's better that I stop talking to you. Still hoping we're friends like we used to be. 

Was practising the 'grateful magic' that the book "The Magic" taught.
It worked so far. Eventho I haven't get what I wanted.
But daily life is starting to change bits by bits. (:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for my great and meaningful life.

Self esteem problem.
I always wonder.. do I have that kind of problem..?
I used to be extremely shy. Well, I still am shy.
But I think I'm more outgoing nowadays compare to what I used to be.

I tried to be extremely confident.
But when I tried to be confident, I feel that people are starting to think I'm an empty shell. ._.
I have no good grades, no good looking face, no good body, no money.
But I'm comfortable being myself. (: With a little more confidence in me, I'll be fine.

I said before, if you can't accept me for who I am, don't. I din't force you to.
I only need people that use their true hearts to be friends with me.  
Sad thing is that, as we grew, it's so much harder to have real friends around us.

Oh dear further maths.
The cutest maths on earth.
I'm getting retarded because of you.
Revising at the library for the 3rd day now.
I feel so.. not.. me.. Why am I putting so much effort on my studies..?
The motivation, I found it from you.
2 days, I saw you at the library studying.
I'm such a coward. I thought I would at least said hi to you. But I din't. :/
Motivation max! (:
I want to become a lady that he will stop and look at my intelligence and attitude.
I still believe that attitude is more important than having a pretty face.
Too bad most guys never realize that.



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