Having the mood to blog because I have an awesome die hard fan that read my blog often!
Okay la.
I need to blog about happy things more often, if not people might think I'm a sad person. D:

So lazy to blog about makeups and nails.
nooo i have no time to be pretty T_T

Keep fit keep fit!
Planned to work out at the gym today but failed.
Went home and swim alone instead. 
Yoga yoga yoga. I miss going for yoga classes. 3 weeks din't go for yoga already. :/ FATTT.

HIROKI! Stupid dude. T-T
2 years liao. Where the hell did you go? D:
And you promised that you will come to Malaysia to visit me after SPM. T_T stupidddd promise.
I miss your mama and papa. I miss Erika, Keisuke and Marina. T-T
I miss seeing snow, listening to Japanese everyday, seeing weird fashion everyday, purikura everyday. 

I want go travel D:
Mama and papa went to China for a week.
Then only i realized my life without them is like disaster.
Waking up late, skip breakfast, no one folds the clothings, no one sweeps the floor, no dinner. TT
Fast fast come back please TT

Time passes, memories fade, feelings change, people leave, but hearts never forget.



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