Childhood hero

Went to Michael Learns To Rock concert a month ago :D
Finally felt like talking about it. lol.
I used to listen to their songs when I was 5/6.
After kindergarten, me and my maid would open the karaoke version of MLTR's songs, oh and Westlife's too!
Then I'll act like a singer and syok sendiri :D

Photos with the date watermark,
too lazy to remove it.. D:


Went out with this woman months ago!
Our very first time drinking together :D
Epic place we drank.
Was searching for bottle opener in the car.
Sat in the car drank for awhile then change place to my house's playground instead.
Talked quite alot I guess. :D
She's leaving in another few more weeks :(
All the best and take good care of yourself! (:


Time to study.
Test 2 is coming soon.
Haven't visit the library for days!
And I lost my motivation..
You, please remain as my motivation. :/



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