Vietnam #2

Vietnam post - Take 2 !
Okay, finally have the urge to blog about foods in Vietnam.
The food over there is definitely one of the reason why I love Vietnam so much. :D

The first thing to know whether the food in a country is good or not is to have some taste of the local beer first. :D
The beer over there is cheaper than a bottle of mineral water.
Exactly how it is in China. There isn't any tax for beers.
Yay for beer lovers!

#1 Saigon beer with le sexy dad pose. :D

#2 The first dinner at Ho Chi Minh City. BBQ Chicken with glass noodle. At first I thought it was rice. Then when it came I was like wtf why glass noodles cause I hate glass noodles a lot. But then when I ate it, I fell in love with it. Definitely taste better than it look!

#3 Ban Minh! I did some research on the net before going to Vietnam. And this is the must eat food in Vietnam. It's actually baguette with loads of meat and vege inside.
I know those meats on the plate don't look pleasing. But believe me, it taste superb. I ate this at least once a day! And I miss this a lot T-T Couldn't find any nice Vietnam cuisine in Malaysia ):

#4 Vietnam is famous for their coffee too. But the weird thing is, when you order hot coffee, they only give you half cup full. ._.

#5 Grilled chicken meat. It kinda taste and look like Satay.

#6 It wouldn't be a complete Vietnam trip without having a try of the legendary Beef Noodles! :3 Craving for this ever since I tried it. :D I want moreeeeeeeeee!

#7 Curry Beef soup. It doesn't really taste like the curry we have here in Malaysia. This is kinda sweet, and full of pepper taste. LOL.

#8 Pork noodle! This is like the Chinese style noodles you can find in Malaysia. :D But then the soup taste is godly. Never tried something that good in my life. Even popo's soup is not as great as this. :D

#9 Chicken Noodle. Owait. This isn't noodle. Take a closer look, it's pasta. :O Nothing special about this. The soup taste exactly the same as the pork noodle. ):

#10 Having a break from Vietnam food and have some Chinese style food instead. :D We were at the China Town in Vietnam. Yes, the ordinary Char Siew Fan with soup. (: 
We had some dim sum at the China town too. But I don't think I took any photo over there as I was too amazed at the waitresses at the restaurant as most of them can speak great Cantonese! 
Another thing I love Ho Chi Minh is that quite a number of them can speak Cantonese well, and they helped a lot. :D 

#11 Breakfast at a cafe near the backpackers road. :D Pricey but great to have some pleasure.

#12 Banana ice-cream. Taste bad. Very very very bad. ): 

#13 Some kind of cake thingy with coconut slices inside. Taste ok. :/

#14 The corn is extremely juicy! :D I know daddy's look doesn't look pleased, but trust me this taste great! :D

I really enjoy the food over at Ho Chi Minh.
I remember myself hating the food in Hanoi, Vietnam 4 years ago,
but then I never expect myself to love it so much after this trip.
Those beef noodles, made me so addicted. :3



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