Slacking is a hobby

The busier I am, the more I want to slack.
The more things need to be done, the more I don't want to do it.

I was reading some ex CHKL-ian's blog, and realize.. i hasn't been blogging properly lately.
And the urge of starting to blog again started when I had an assignment of building a website, which I used to do it for my blog, editing the layout, making it so pretty.

Now i'm just so lazy to design it, and well, simple is the best design. :D

Uni life semester 1 is finally coming to an end.
It felt so fast, and so tiring.
After having a 9 months break, starting of uni life is so hectic.
I need at least 8 hour sleep everyday.  :(
I need more personal time.

I actually wanted to dare myself to do a 100 days post challenge.
But don't think i can do it now, maybe during the holidays.

I think i talked too much lately.
I should talk less and write instead.

People might not be happy of what you are, but live for who you are.
You're not born to please the others. Show it when you're not happy.

Someone said I'm so fake in front of someone. But then, I never fake anything.
As long as what he said doesn't trigger me, i'm perfectly fine with it.

But then again, it's my first time seeing such an ignorant person in my entire life.
He dressed up real smart, and he IS indeed smart. His first impression was so good to an extend that I don't think it's the same person i know now. HAHHAHAHAHA ok i know i so bad but srsly.
Lesson of the day: Don't ever believe in first impression. DO NOT.

Okay I should stop, or else I'll start saying really mean things which is one of the thing I don't like about myself.





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