Cruising with Super Star Libra!

Cruising is definitely the new hit these day.
 There are so many travel company doing cruise packages on the past MATTA fair 4 days ago at PWTC.
So 打铁趁热! I'm going to blog about my cruising experience at Super Star Libra~

So I booked under a tour company called Hwa Jing,
which they provide transport from KL to Penang so we didn't have to drive all the way to Penang.
But the bad thing is we have to depart early in the morning from KL. :(

And we finally reached Penang jetty at 1pm.
So crowded there. We hurried to get our cruise card and get pass the custom.
The first thing  we do is rushed to our room to see how is it!
To my disappointment, the toilet is ridiculously small!

The best thing about the cruise is definitely eating.
I literally have 5 meals a day, and eat before I start to feel hungry.
And the international buffet at deck 9 is the best of all restaurant there :D
There's a coffee machine that provide Bevanda brand Coffee(which is their own cruise coffee, couldn't find it anywhere here in Malaysia).

We also got to get down at Krabi island and Phuket island.
There will be a smaller boat that get near the ship and we'll have to board the smaller boat to get to the island.
The jetty at the island are not really handicap friendly. But don't worry, there will be lots of helper there to help out.

And whenever I get to Thailand, the best place to visit is definitely their drug store!
7Eleven or Family Mart is a must visit place for me in Thailand.

Too bad we didn't get to do snorkelling at the island. :(
We were too busy shopping around and didn't get enough time to swim.

Another side view of the Super Star Libra.

There will also be a formal night on the ship where we get to meet the captain and staffs. :D

And also Lion Dance show for us on the formal night because it was during Chinese New Year. :D

The activity hall where most show and games take place. Beautiful isn't it?:D

There are also some board game that can be rent for free for 2 hours.
So we actually tried out all the different version of monopoly. :P

The Super Star Libra still has many activities to be explored.
3 nights is definitely not enough for me! :(

I would love to go on a second time!



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