Bistro Richard @ Sentul KL Pac

Definitely a hidden gem in KL Pac.

As someone that lived in Sentul for the past 21 years and have been into KL Pac a several times I was ashamed that I didn't know there was such a place here.

Bistro Richard is beside a lake where you can enjoy the view with your food and a sip of wine.
Recommended for romantic dinners and family celebration.

Oh, and also the interior is super duper cozy until I thought I wasn't in Malaysia the moment i step in!!

I'm so sorry for the bad quality picture.

Escargot(RM28) buttered with lots of garlic and few pieces of garlic bread.
 It's my first time having escargot and i must say it taste really good. 
There isn't any "fishy" or "muddy" taste at all.

Pumpkin soup(RM16)
I'm a pumpkin lover so it's a YES for me! 3 YES!
Pretty sure the pumpkin is finely blended with potato to make it taste better :) 

The Bistro Richard Specialty Pizza(RM40).
Super thin crust but it's filled with lots of ingredients! 

Seafood Paella (RM85)
Personally the highlight of the meal for me.
The rice is short and round like them Japanese rice. 
And it taste sooooo good! Definitely have to taste it to know it.
But the portion is a bit too much for 2 person as that's what the menu stated. 
The Paella rice is surprisingly quite feeling.

Coq An Vin (RM38)
Braised chicken with red wine burgundy,bacon, mushroom and broccolli. 
The sauce is very unique! Love it as well!! 

The most frequent question I get from my friends are always "Eh, Sentul got what nice to eat?"
I used to answer them saying there really isn't anything much in Sentul. But then from now on I'll definitely recommend them to Bistro Richard

Oh and they're closed on Monday!
Make sure you checked their working hour on their website before paying them a visit! 



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