Japan Cosmetic Haul!

 I'm finally back to the blogging business after such long hiatus!
And this time I'll be doing a cosmetic haul about the stuff i bought from Japan!

The number 1 item I'm going to share is definitely the best buy of the whole trip.

*drums roll*

#1 Moist by Diane Rich Type Hair Oil

This is soooo good it deserves a bigger word for it.
It's selling for 1500 yen in their official website.
But I got this from Don Quixote for around 1300 yen i think. 
Don Quixote is always the first choice to get your cosmetics! :D 
Anyway, this smells super nice and it made my hair really smooth after applying it.
I have serious dry hair, and this really fix my hair real good.

#2 Soya milk foam by SANA

I love it, it's so cheap and affordable as well.

#3 Grapefruit Lip Balm by Muji 

It smells so nice, and of course it's affordable! 

#4 Light toning water by Muji

I've always been using Hada Labo toning water, so when i saw this at Muji I decided to try it out.
And i'm still using it until now, there's no sudden outbreak, and it feels really light.
Very much suitable for oily skin!

#5 BB cream by KATE 

Got this for 1000 yen. 
I went to watson to check out the price, it's selling at around RM50.
muahahaha I'm so happy i bought this in Japan. :D

#6 Clear Last High Cover Face Powder

I didn't plan to buy this at first, i was just playing around with the tester.
But after i tested it, I immediately know i have to get this. 
It's so lightweight that you can't feel a thing at all!
And the coverage is super good too!!

 #7 Eyebrow pencil 

So sorry i couldn't recall which brand is it from already.
But the package is so cute, you wouldn't miss it on the rack.
So far I've used this for quite sometime now, I'm satisfied with what i get. 

#8 Pore refining wash

And also I can't remember the name of the brand.
But i don't really recommend this, cause it didn't really help me get rid of my pores.
My skin just feels soft after the wash but the pores are still very visible. 
I used it for quite often, and my nose skin started peeling off. So i stopped using this after that.

#9 Super cute Melody facial hair removing razor <3

I feel in love the moment i saw this. 
So cute how can I resist! 

That conclude the stuff i got from Japan!

Thanks for reading.




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