1 day trip to Arashiyama 嵐山一日游

I think Arashiyama is definitely a must go place in Kyoto.
My mother loved it so much she keeps saying that she wants to go back again so much.

We bought the JR Pass which you can stop at any places you want by JR train.
So we made a little stop at Fushimi Inari Taisha(伏見稲荷大社), which is famous for their thousand Tori gates before going to Arashiyama.

If you're a frequent sushi-eater, pretty sure you all will be familiar with the word Inari.
And yessss, they sell Inari here in Fushimi Inari. But not the Inari you eat in sushi shop. :P
I don't even know what i'm saying now.

And at last we reach Arashiyama, our first stop is to The Sagano Scenic Train (嵯峨野観光鉄道).
The ticket price is 620 yen for adults and it's for one-way only. 

With super friendly station helper who decide to block part of my face with his peace hand. >_>

Retro looking train!!

The train will pass by some river and forest,
the scenery is really great.
I definitely recommend this!!

After that it will stop at a small town named Torokko.
I guess Raccoon is their signature here.
A JR station is just 5 minutes walk away from the scenic train stop where you can sit the JR train back to Arashiyama station.

The little small town where the scenic train stopped at.
We had our lunch at a shop by the roadside.
Okk literally everything in Japan taste good but seriously, this is super duper yummyyy! :P
ok la maybe it's the heat that made the cold noodles taste so good.

After some resting we went back to Arashiyama and to the most visit place we go- the bamboo groves!

Isn't it beautiful? :')
And there's so many Japanese walking around with Yukata enjoying the amazing view.

The whole bamboo grove is quite big,
so if you got tired you can always sit on one of these trishaw around :)

OHHH and one more,
Kyoto most eat ice-cream, the tofu ice cream! 
Yuuuum yum :P



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