About Osaka Noda 大阪野田 | 住宿 食物 人 地方

Today I'm going to share about a place I've stayed before in Osaka, Japan before.
I stayed there for 3 days and totally love the place.

住了3天,真的好喜欢这个地方. 如果有更多的时间一定会好好走好这一区!

The inn I stayed is Toyoko Inn JR Noda Ekimae @ Osaka (東横INN大阪JR野田駅前)
The inn includes free breakfast for u every morning!
It's Onigiri(おにぎり)and a few vegetables and egg but it's a very hearty breakfast.


On the day we check in, they gave us a basket to choose some free gifts which include some lotions, bath soap and masks.
They also provide free pajamas and razor as well!

It's not the fancy kind of inn but there's lots of shop around there!!

There's an old and traditional mini shopping street just right beside the inn.
And there's a subway station right opposite of the inn. Just walk out of the inn and exactly outside.

虽然语言上不通 可是是真心可以感觉到他们的热情.

Whereas the JR Noda station is just a road away from the inn,
just need to cross a road where Mister Donut is located at.

Lots of shops right infront of JR Noda.

Origin from Osaka, the famous Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki shop is just right outside of the JR Noda.


JR Noda is can be reached by sitting the Orange JR Osaka Loop Line.
坐上橘色的 JR Osaka Loop Line 一定能到 JR野田站.

The Osaka Central Wholesale Market(Osaka chuo oroshiuri ichiba/大阪市中央卸売市場) is also located at Noda.
It's like the famous Tokyo's Tsukiji Market but without any reservation needed. It's open for everyone anytime.
大阪中央卸売市場 从野田站步行15分钟就能了。那里就像东京的鱼市场, 可是这没限制任何人数,是开放给所有人的哦!

Every time you search for the must eat sushi in Osaka, you will get the same result for sure, which is the famous Endo Sushi(中央市場 ゑんどう寿司) is also located at the Osaka Central Wholesale Market!
来到大阪就要吃大阪出名的 Endo 寿司,就在鱼市场里的寿司店,材料当然超新鲜啦.

Will share more about Endo sushi and the wholesale market in more detail in the next post!!
下个post就会详细的介绍市场和Endo寿司的魅力 :)



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