De'Native Guest House (Pet Friendly) @ Cameron Highland

Brought our little baby- ALEXIS up to Cameron for a weekend get away.
My family haven't go for a family trip for quite some time, so we decide to bring Alexis along too!

Alexis chilling by the waterfall at Cameron!
ba ya yem baa. bi bi bi ba ba ba *que Lion King song*

Cause we're bringing Alexis along, so we have to find pet-friendly place to sleep as well.
We encountered this place called "De Native" as my mother's friend recommended to us.

Located at Tanah Rata, De Native is quite off the main road after turning into the road beside the Police Station.

A 2 storey bungalow with quite a number of rooms.
Each with either queen size bed or a double deck bed.
The one i stayed in was a room for 6, around RM30 per person for a night.

The whole area is quite spacey, there's even a fire pit for people to sit around, bbq or even sing! Just like what you normally see in the movie!

An open living room area for people to hang around too! 
There's quite a number of backpacker staying here as well. So it's suitable if you want to make more new friends!

There's chalet style if you don't prefer the dorm style in the bungalow.
The chalet is just beside the bungalow.

Meet Lucky, the black dog. Also the master of the place. 

And this is Shorty. He only understand Tamil. So... yeah... he's an Indian.

Lastly, this is Alexis. The legendary teddy bear dog that looks like she's been staying in Cameron for the past of her little life.

The area is very big and you can let your dog run free!
Very first time letting Alexis play with other doggy!

It's a really nice place to chill if you want to relax and get away from the normal busy Cameron.
Great to spend some quality time with the family.

De'Native Guest House
Jalan Tengkolok, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia
Phone: +6016547 9077 (Krish) +60165058776 (KS Chai)
Facebook :



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