Skin Soul Volume Attack Mascara

I'm here again for another product that I've been using now from Skin Soul!

It's the mascara that will helped stimulate the growth of your eyelashes!
Made from Mulberry Root Extract and Lash Curling Complex which will help stimulate hair growth and promote metabolism because of the high level of Vitamin C!

Obvious difference before and after applying the mascara. Longer and fuller lashes without any extra fake lashes or using curler.

The mascara will help eyelashes grow naturally longer and thicker!
Without any lash extension, your eyelashes will be long and thick even without the help of makeup.
The result will be obvious after 8 weeks of using it (Proven result).

But I think  my lashes are originally quite long and I've only used it for 2 weeks (around 8 weeks for obvious result), the results are not that obvious for me yet.

Once again, remember to #SSJLOW whenever you purchase at Skinsoul Outlet for exciting gifts!



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