How to fully utilize Osaka Amazing 1 day pass.

Today I'm going to share how I fully utilize my Osaka Amazing Day Pass!

People often ask whether the 1 day or 2 day pass is better, if it's your first time in Osaka, then it's better to take the 2 days pass because it's impossible to finish everything in a day, but keep in mind that the 2 days pass doesn't cover some of the subway track, so make sure to double check and plan ahead which place you should go first. 

1) Osaka Castle (9am-5pm, closed 28 Dec to 1 Jan)
My first suggestion is to go to Osaka Castle first at 9am, to avoid the crowd. Osaka Castle is well, one of the main attraction in Osaka, so the amount of tourist bus is not kidding one la. Like super crowded and packed. ._. 

2) Osaka Museum of Housing and Living (10am-5pm, closed on Tue,3rd Monday, Public Holidays)
This place is like a mini Edo Period Osaka, where you can wear on Yukata with a fee of 200 yen and walk around the place and be.. Japanese.
My sister insisted on coming to this place because of the cheap price to try on Yukata. And I must say 200 yen is very cheap. It's not a guarantee to be able to get the ticket to change into Yukata and the time limit is only 1 hour. So take your picture fast!

3) Santa Maria Cruise (11am - 4pm, closed Dec 31,Jan 12- Feb 5, Feb 17,18)
This is a 45 minutes cruise where you get to see the scenery around the bay, you can also get a little peak at the universal studio from outside. It's suitable if you're tired of walking and just wanted to relax. Bare in mind that this cruise departs every hour, do time it so you don't need to wait too long.

4) Tempozan Ferris Wheel (9.30am- 10pm, closed on Jan 13,14, Feb 17,18)
One of the largest ferris wheel in the world. This ferris wheel lights up at 6pm, and the light changes according to the weather, it's like a weather forecast moving wheel. You can visit here after the cruise or before the cruise as it is just next to each other!

5) Tombori River Cruise (1pm-9pm on weekdays, 11am-9pm on weekends, closed on Jul 13, 24, 25, Aug 8)
Our very last stop! This river cruise ticket is normally sold out during evening till night, you need to take your pass to the booth to change it to ticket, it is impossible to board the boat without changing the ticket. I saw many people try to wait until last minute only go, but all they get is disappointment. :(

And also, after buying the Osaka Amazing Pass, there's a leaflet with coupons on it.
We did went to Daiki Sushi in Dotombori and get a 10% discount on food and drinks. And also if you're planning to get Pablo cheesecake, there's a coupon for it as well. 
Go here for more detailed places that can use the coupon. 
And also to their official website to know more detailed stuff.

Our initial plan actually includes going to one of the onsen as well, but we started our journey late so no choice but to cut it off from our schedule. T-T
Also, I did not go to the Umeda Floating Garden and Tennoji because I've already went there before. And I STRONGLY RECOMMEND going to the Umeda Floating Garden at night! IT IS EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL. The view is very very very stunning(very important so must insist), and the floor as well, it makes you felt like you're walking on the stars.

I am only sharing how I utilized my Osaka Amazing 1 day Pass without paying too much!  

Do drop me any questions at if you have any questions to ask about Japan! 
I will try to help out! 



  1. Thank you! Your blog was very informative!

  2. Hi just to check if I use the amazing pass on weekend, is it even more crowded?

    1. Hello Kelly,
      Yea, it would be a lot more crowded during the weekend, and also make sure to avoid any public holiday if possible :)


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