My airbnb experience and get RM81 off your first AIRBNB stay!

Some of my friends have been asking me about my airbnb experience lately. 
So I'm going to share my experience in this post! 

Want to rent the entire apartment/house? Want a cheaper place to stay when travelling? Want to try couchsurfing but you think that it's not safe enough? 
Airbnb might be one of your solution! 

My first and second experience of airbnb are both in Japan. 
The first place I rented was a traditional tatami room which can fit four person. 
Fully equipped with all the basic necessities.  

The second one that I rented was a modern apartment in the middle of Namba, Osaka.
One of the advantages of renting the whole apartment is that you're able to cook at home instead of going out to eat. Whereas staying in a hotel you will not be able to cook.

Both of my stay was really great. The first host even send us to the nearest train station for free of charge!
However for my second stay, I did not get to meet our host. The way of getting the key to the apartment was really special to me because the host left the key in a lock outside of the apartment!
She provide us with the password to the lock and once you've unlocked it you will be able to get the key to the apartment! I'm so impressed at how Japanese have so much trust on others. What if someone stole the key and broke into the apartment. :O
Pretty sure if we did that in Malaysia, the lock most probably won't be there anymore after a day! HAHA

Tips to get the perfect place for you! 
There are tons of airbnb places available. But choosing the right one is really important or else it might ruin your whole vacation. :(

Always remember to read the description and what they provide for their places.
Essentials such as towels and shampoos are one of the most important to have. So make double sure they provide those stuffs! Or else you might end up buying it!

Also check the images that the host provide and also the sleeping arrangements.
Location is also important! Some places might be really far off from the train station, and it might be problematic to travel around the town if there's no transportation nearby.

Last but not least! Read the review from others! Reviews are normally really honest and unbiased. So it's best to read it beforehand!

If you have any inquiries, make sure to contact the respective host to clear your doubts!
Once you're ready to book the place, you will have to contact the host before they approve your booking. It's better to tell the host a little bit about yourself or about your trip in order to have your booking approved smoothly!

Of course there are a few places that will instantly approve your booking without any prior approval. But I prefer host that care about the people that are going to stay at their place.

Once you're approved, get ready to enjoy your stay!! ;) 

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