My Top 5 Must Buy Items From Japan!

This post took forever for me to actually finish it. I'm so fully packed with works. 
It's been months since i came back from Japan. I want to fly back again......... /.\ 

What are the top 5 that I personally think you should get when you're visiting Japan?

1. Ryukakusan
This is definitely one of the must buy item when you're in Japan! I initially only bought 1 box of this. But after trying out the first box, I asked my sister to get me 2 more boxes when she was in Tokyo for vacation! 
It helps with soothen sorethroat really well. The after feeling make your throat feel really minty and it's really helpful whenever I felt like my throat is starting to hurt!   

2. Nail Stickers! 
Yes yes. I know we can get it in Malaysia as well. BUT BUT BUT THESE ARE ONLY 100 YEN OVER THERE!!! And the design is sooooo damn pretty. Come with little diamonds somore I KENOT. You can find it in Daiso or Seria (which is also like Daiso everything is only 100 yen). 

3. Masks masks and more masks!
Lip mask and face mask for sure! It's so cheap (the kabuki mask one is quite expensive actually).
The lip mask is only for 100 yen. Whereas the Babyish facemask is less than a 1000 yen for 7 pieces! The Kabuki mask is 1000 yen for 4 pieces. So it's quite pricey for that one, but it smells really good. 
I have been watching some youtube beauty video and one of the youtuber actually said putting on masks everyday will help your skin looks smoother and better!! So don't be lazy and start putting on your face mask! 

4. Hada Labo Products
Buy all the Hada Labo products!! The toner refill pack is only 800 yen, which is around RM30. But in Malaysia it cost around RM50 for the toner. So go buy everything there!! 

5. Cosmetics
I love CANMAKE and KATE products a lot. 
When i was visiting Japan, the Igari makeup(イガリメイク) was a hit over there. Everyone has super flushed cheeks! So I also grab myself one of the blusher from Canmake :P 

Kate is also really affordable in Japan. I already had a BB cream from Kate before this. But I just decided to stock up more since I won't be going to Japan any time soon T-T 
I also got a lip cream from Kate as well. But it's a little too dry which I don't really like it a lot :(  

That's it for my TOP 5 must get item from Japan!! 
What are your must get item from Japan?? 



  1. all about beauty hehe, i would get the nail stickers instead of others. i love pedicure, but i hates chemical. so would just get the stickers done hehe

  2. lovely masks collection! I also bought a lot when I was in JP

  3. I must try to search for Ryukakusan when I revisit Japan again!

  4. first time heard about Ryukakusan. seems legit. would love to try.

  5. i just went back from Japan last 3 months! I'm still havent get out of Japan mood~ I definitely must pay a visit again ! Between , i have not seen Ryukakusan before in the drug store in Japan. Maybe their store too big , i cant see it ~haha

  6. Thats so cheap! its so worth to buy these products in Japan itself! Thank you

  7. Thanks! Would definitely check this out whenever I go Japan :)

  8. My friends also love to buy the cosmetics and Hado Labo products too when they went to Japan!
    May I should go to Japan then I will know why the craziness of buying all these products eheh


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