My priority.

It's been a really long time that I'm here, sharing my thoughts. 
I used to share about my daily life, my friends, what I do most of the time on my blog. 
Just for the sake of showing off.

Then when I've graduated from secondary school, I start to realize no one gives a fuck about my life. Why am I doing this. Why am I writing stuff that no one really gives a fuck?
Maybe I am hoping that people will be able to understand me more when I share thoughts on social media.
I'm a very crafty person, I enjoy arts, I love to cook, I love to bake. 
How many of them know that? 
I bet most of my friends think I can't cook. But surprise surprise, I LOVE to cook. 

Ok, you might say that I don't talk about myself that often. But how many of them actually care? People that care will ask if they want to know. 

People criticize me for not joining any activities in the university when they don't know the reason to it. My grandmother condition wasn't so good for the past one year, so most of the time I would have to fetch my mother to the hospital, and help out my mother whenever my grandmother stay in our house. I'm the youngest, I have the most flexible timing. So it is my responsible to help out my mother whenever possible. That's why I have to leave early. Would you rather meet other people when you know there isn't much time left for your loved one? 
To be honest during that time, I really feel like yelling the fuck out at their face. Why can't they be more understanding. 

Will you spend time with your friends or your family? I'm pretty sure most people will choose the first. They might think that they see their family most of the time. It's fine to spend time with your friends. 
Trust me, you will regret once you lost them. People have their priorities. Get your priorities right. 



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