Hisyou Japanese & Chinese Restaurant @ PV128, Setapak

Quite some times since I went to PV128, and I while searching for food to eat me and my mother came across this restaurant and I thought it's worth blogging about!

It's pretty common to see Japanese restaurant, it's also pretty common to see Chinese restaurant. BUT. Now there's Japanese + Chinese Restaurant, 2 in 1! So convenient!! Can eat both in one place! Don't need to argue where to eat anymore. PROBLEM SOLVED.

Talk so long, food nice or not?! Ok we go into the main topic!

Zaru Soba | RM10.90 
For a very picky soba eater, this soba is very nice. The noodles are well boiled to the perfect texture! Most important point is that it is cold enough! I tried some other places' Zaru soba not Zaru one. A zaru soba that is not cold is not a zaru soba!!

Hisyou Y.Y Keow Tiao | RM9.90
I apologize first, because initially I did not plan to blog about this place, so I did not took picture of this bowl of noodles. But then after eating this, I changed my mind! It taste better than I thought! 
It's actually Cantonese noodles(滑蛋河) topped with fried keow tiao! Actually I love the fried keow tiao a lot! :P Very special~ 

Yuzu Sorbet | RM4.90
Quite rare to find Yuzu ice-cream in most of the Japanese restaurant, I'm quite surprised to see it in the menu so I ordered it! It looks like normal vanilla ice-cream + yuzu zest and taste like it too. Nothing off the hook but still taste good! Maybe I very high expectation towards everything Yuzu. :( 

They are having set menu from 12pm to 7pm. Which I think you can just add on RM1 for a cup of green tea. The price is really reasonable for a Japanese restaurant. You might think that cheap thing no good thing like how the Cantonese say it, but the taste and presentation are all really well done! 

Ok, since I did not eat any of these. I just stole the images from their Facebook page! Next time need to ask them to take all the food out for picture. *bu yao lian*
 Curry Udon | RM14.90

 Yakitori Don | RM12.90

Corn Flake Chicken | RM12.90 

Everything looks super tasty especially the yakitori don!! Looks so damn good :O
Here comes the surprise guys. They serve WATER MOCHI too!! YES. But I didn't try it. I will most probably go back again to try this. HAHAHAHAHA.

Other than main dish, they do serve Sushi, Sashimi and Temaki rolls as well. Their handrolls are sold at a very reasonable price!! Only RM3.50 for Soft Shell Crab Handroll!! Don't think can find this price anywhere in KL. But don't expect it to be really big, I mean for the price and portion is really really really reasonable already!

Their sashimi and sushi price are also really cheap. But not sure about the freshness of it. I will go back again to update you guys here! :D

Before ending this post, I must praise their staff service!
Really polite and explain well to us about the food too. Definitely want them to keep their staff service this good. Unlike the other corner's Japanese restaurant. >_>

Their interior is really clean and neat as well.

Love how they added some greens! It's really easy to spot their place with the cute design outside.
Overall I will give them 4 out of 5 stars! I didn't try a lot of their food yet, but their service and food are so far quite good for now!

It's located at the back row of PV128. NOT facing the main road.

Hisyou Japanese & Chinese Restaurant
Address: G-33A, PV128 Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.
Hour: 12:00 - 22:00
Phone: 018-261 3137



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