COSRX One Step Pimple Clear Pad Review

COSRX had been extremely popular in Korea for their skincare product. My favourite youtuber "HanByul" is a fan of them, which made me want to try out COSRX product as well! 
COSRX just had their very first pop up store at PWTC recently, I can't wait for them to officially sell their stuff here in Malaysia!! Hermo previously sold COSRX products as well, but I don't think it's available for now.  
April 2017 update: YOU CAN NOW BUY COSRX PRODUCT AT HERMO and selected WATSONS Store in Malaysia! (I saw it at Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid Watsons.)  
COSRX's best seller is the One Step Pimple Clear Pad! So I bought it when I was in Korea to try out!

Package Impression
The box was really simple, it's just a plastic container with 70 pads in it. There's a safety cover in it as well, to prevent the pad from drying out too fast. The sticker on top of the container is super cute! It's COSRX mascot I guess. He's like *bitch i'm fabulous!*.

Product Impression
The front side of the pad has a slightly bumpy feel to it, whereas the back of the pad is smooth. Normally you would use the bumpy side to wipe your face. Even after I cleanse my face using a normal foam cleanser, you would still see residue wiped off from your face.

It is really effective and it does calm my skin a lot. Whenever there's a pimple bulging out, I would wipe it using this and it does tame my pimple. To try out the effectiveness of this product, I've tested it by trying to remove makeup, it does remove most of the makeup, which proves that it does removes residue really well!

My Opinion
This product is like my HOLY GRAIL. First off, it is a little pricey for me for a product with only 70 pieces of cotton. But it's worth it. I doesn't use it on a daily basis because it's too hard to buy it in Malaysia, so I tried to use it really slow. It really works like magic, whenever I put on makeup I will use this to tone my face first, and the base makeup will stick on my face really well!

Is it worth they hype? HELL YES. 

Product Information

Brand: COSRX
Price: 17,500 won
Website: COSRX Kr



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