Missha x Minions M Magic Cushion Review

Korean makeup brands are going crazy in having collaboration with all the cartoon character! 
This time is Missha with Minions! Yes you may now scream and sing the banana song!
I will only be sharing my experience using this Magic Cushion Cover in shade No. 23. This is actually the same cushion version with the Missha x LINE collaboration BROWN version.

Package Impression

The box comes with a cushion, an extra puff and a refill for the cushion. 
This thing is just too damn cute. The puff is even printed with Minions on it! No doubt you will definitely enjoy seeing this everyday if you're a big fan of the Minions. Seeing it will cheer your day up already. However for me it does feel like a toy, since everything is in plastic. :/ If you don't mind then it's good for you! 

Product Impression

The finish product is quite matte. If you're a fan of matte finish then this is great. Otherwise you might want to consider the Magic Cushion Moisture version for glossy finish. 
Coverage is great, my pores are around 90% covered but it's not long lasting! It does transfer off when I touch is, and it slides off very easily. I don't know is it just me but it doesn't really stay on my face well. T-T I've seen a lot of Korean Youtuber recommended this product, but why it doesn't work like magic on my face. 

My Opinion

Missha's cushion is famous for being super affordable, their normal version cushion set is only selling at 7,800 won(RM29). Which is why they are very popular among students. 
However the Minions version is slightly expensive, retailing at 12,600 won which is equivalent to RM45.40. If this were selling at a cheaper price then I might think it's worth it. But it is still one of the cheapest cushion you can find in Korean makeup brand. 
I really like the matte finish, except the part where it's not really long lasting, otherwise it's a not bad product.

IS IT WORTH THE HYPE? Yes for the price and Minions.

Product Information

Brand: Missha x Minions
Shade: #23 
Price: 12,600 won
Website: Missha Kr

*My honest and personal opinions & experience only, effect may varies.*



  1. May I know where did you buy this? Because you said the price is RM45.40. That's so cheap I want to buy one too!

    1. Hi, I got it in Missha store when I was traveling in Korea! I saw someone selling it in Carousell for RM55. Maybe you can search there :)


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