PONY x MEMEBOX Shine Easy Glam 3 #03 Orange Bloom Review

If you're aware of Korean cosmetics, you will most probably heard of PONY MAKEUP.
Pony collaborated with MEMEBOX Korea and came out with her very own series of makeup.
To test out whether her product was worth the hype or not, I've bought the 4 colors palette via Hermo.

There's 3 different color set, I got mine in #03 Orange Bloom.

I'm not really an expert in using eye shadow, my very first eye shadow was from Can Make which I just need to apply it using the gradient color. So I started watching a lot of makeup videos to learn how to apply eye shadows!

Package Impression
The packaging was really glamorous. I love the golden reflective cover a lot! 
The daisy box was really pretty as well. I still keep the box with me because it's too pretty!! 
The only downside of the cover is that it transfer fingerprints on it, which you will have to clean it from time to time. :/ 

Product Impression
Sadly the color wasn't as pigmented than I thought. But the colors are still pretty! 
Suitable for nude makeup.
As expected from a powder type eye shadow, it wasn't that long lasting. Throughout the day the color will fade and leave you a very shiny eyelid. It does last longer if you apply eye primer before applying the eye shadow. 
The glitters also fall off easily, you will need to be extra careful while applying if you don't want a glittery cheek. 

My Opinion
The color and packaging are really pretty. Very suitable for daily use if you prefer nude makeup.
The original price at Memebox Korea website is selling this at 18,000 won, which is equivalent to RM65.
I got my palette for RM59.90 at Hermo while they were doing promotion which I think is super worth the price.

Is it worth the hype? YES!

Product Information
Name: Shine Easy Glam 3
Shade: #03 Orange Bloom
Price: 18,000 won
Website: Memebox Kr

With Laneige BB cushion, 3CE lip and cheek, Pony X Memebox Eye shadow.

I've filmed the makeup cover for the look above. This is my very first time recording a video makeup cover, so I might look quite awkward here. But hope you don't mind!

*My honest and personal opinions & experience, effect may varies.*



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