One full day in GamCheon Village, Busan Tower, BIFF, NampoDong & Jagalchi Market!

Finally i'm back to continue with my Busan itinerary! :D
It will be a full day sightseeing around Gam Cheon culture Village, Busan Tower, Nampo Dong and Jagalchi Market!

The reason why we went to Gamcheon area and Jagalchi area in the same day is because these 2 places are quite near to each other, which is around the same area, which is why we planned it this way.

Gam Cheon Village

I will recommend to visit Gam Cheon village first, mainly because it wouldn't be too hot in the morning and also it will be less crowded and you won't have to queue too long to take photos for some of the attraction. I will not go into detail where to walk and what to see cause that's up to you to choose but I recommend buying a map there because you will definitely need it.
To get here you will have to take the subway to ToSeong station and take exit 6, once you're out at the intersection take a right turn and walk straight until you see a bus station, get in to bus 2 or 2-2 and it will take you to Gam Cheon village. The bus ride up is quite thrilling because of the narrow road.

A picture with Le Petite Prince is a must if you're here. It's the most taken picture of all time, the queue to take picture can get quite long during peak time. 

Also because i'm a big fan of 2 days 1 night, I literally tried all the food that has pictures of them in it :P SI-AT HODEOK(sweet sticky cake(?)) is a must try if you're in Busan, it's super yummy!

While we're talking about food, might as well introduce a few shop that's worth a try. The fish cake shop next to the shop above is famous as well, the crowd there can get quite out of control. *roll eyes*  

Also! The noodle shop at the beginning of the village near the main entrance is really good! Busan's specialty - MilMyeon, cold buckwheat noodle is the boom! BOOOM. So freaking delicious definitely must try must try must try!

Busan Tower, BIFF, NampoDong

After you're done with GamCheon village, you can get on the bus to Jagalchi area, you can try to ask the shops around there what bus number you should get on to.

Once you're there, you can freely walk around the area according to what you would like to see and eat. There's tons of things to see around the area. You can then find your way to Busan Tower, if you did read my previous post on how to get discount vouchers, you will then have the voucher for Busan Tower as well. So remember to use it!

Jagalchi Market

After you've spent the whole afternoon around Busan Tower, BIFF and NampoDong, I recommend you to head over to Jagalchi Market as well to have some fresh seafood! You can choose whichever stall to buy your food and then head to the higher floors to get your seafood cooked. But we didn't really bother and just choose the restaurant right outside of the market. Most of the stall doesn't have their price listed and we didn't want to haggle around for the price which is why we decide to eat outside instead. *Tip* They do charge service charge for helping you to cook your seafood in the market, which i think is around 3000 won PER PERSON.

We walked around the market and decide to eat outside.
This seafood stew is so freaking delicious, not to mention the eel is good too! :D

And we ended our day with more shopping at SeomYeon Station on our way back to our place. 
Definitely recommend checking out the Lotte Department store at Seom Yeon! And all those cosmetic stores from Holika Holika to The Face Shop to Nature Republic, me and my sister went crazy shopping there!!
I'm not saying that you should follow exactly how I planned my day but if you're staying around Nampo Dong area then you can choose not to pack everything in a day. Well then, till next time! :)



  1. That is such a spectacular view of the city with the different coloured roof tiles! What an amazing shot! I've never been to Busan, but I know there's a film about it. Hope your holiday was nothing like the film! :P

  2. ahhhh! you make me miss Busan. Love the food there especially the delicious Hotteok.

  3. Such a beautiful place and full of nice food! Wish I can plan it one year and visit there with my beloved one or buddies!

  4. Glad you enjoyed your trip! I'm saving your link coz I would like to visit these places too this coming summer.

  5. I am planning to go Busan next year, thanks for your sharing =)

  6. A lot of things to try out in Busan. I would love to visit Busan

  7. Thanks for sharing all these useful tips. I am not sure when I will have the opportunity to go to Busan but these are worth keeping in mind!

  8. woww....such a bautiful place. thank you for you makes me feels want to travel :)

  9. Omg, so beautiful! I want to be there too!

  10. I miss this place! Went to Busan in August :)

  11. I miss Busan! Lovely place and exotic food haha


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