Eumora Classic Facial Bar Product Review

Hello! I'm here for my very first review post of the year!
I recently received a facial cleanser called EUMORA, the Moor Bar with HMA factor for review purposes. 
When I first receive this cleansing bar I was quite skeptical about it, well mainly because I've never heard of it before. I wouldn't want to put things that I don't even know what it's made of on my face to ruin it. But then after knowing that it's been featured on New Straits Times and I did a little research on the ingredients, I decided to give it a shot! 

This facial bar's main ingredient is actually Moor, which is a type of odor free clay from Europe. The other main ingredient is microAlgae, it is rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B12 which will increase the skin cell's energy and gives softness and brightness! 

Eumora also helps to keep the pH level of the skin at 5.5, which is perfect for the skin. The cleansing bar helps reduce inflammation and swelling of pimple, which was quite effective for me! 

How to use the bar? With water! DUH. 
Just wet your hands and lather the bar until there's sufficient foam then apply on your skin and leave on for 3 minutes, then just rinse it off! 

I was actually quite impressed with the after effect after using it for almost a week now. I did not change any daily skin routine except for my cleanser with this facial bar and my skin does look brighter! (Photos are taken in the same location with natural light only) A few noticeable points are my pores are less obvious, my pimple near my mouth is gone within 2 days, and the scar on my cheeks got lighter! Overall I would say it is quite impressive! 

Last but not least, if you're interested in trying out this Eumora facial bar, you can contact them at!



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  2. Facial bar ? Looks good. It really works

  3. Your face looks brighter with a hint of glows all over. First time hearing about facial bars

  4. so cute the facial bar.
    until today no get it yet, must have lost in postage.

  5. Somehow your skin looks brighter. First time hearing ablut eumora and im convinced


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