MOLPay, a leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia!

I’m always been a big fan of Pixajoy and had a few photobooks print out from them before and I always had a hard time editing and putting my photos in the layout. I recently tried out their app and it was super easy to use!! From editing to payment, everything was hassle-free and easy! I’m also super happy to know that MOLPay is now available on mobile application too!

I must say that with technology getting better by the day, online payment can never be easier. I’m pretty sure most people are familiar with the term MOLPay, which is one of the online leading payment gateway in Southeast Asia. You will most probably come across the MOLPay payment page when you buy something online from Malaysia’s website. Good news is, MOLPay recently released the MOLPay MOBILE XDK which is a cross-platform payment kit which integrates with major mobile development tools! Buying stuff with mobile apps can be done simply with a click!

With that being said, I’m going to show how easy it is to pay through the Pixajoy app (only available on Google Play Store)

Start by choosing the type of layout you want and edit it according to your likings. Once you’re done, go ahead and click the shopping cart icon on the top right to check out your item! Then modify your options and click “Next”!

You will then key in your shipping details, the good thing about this is that you will only need to key in your details once and it will remember your details for you so you won’t need to key in again the next time you buy! Click “Next” again and then choose your shipping courier choice!

After that, all you need to do is confirm your details are correct and then choose your preferred payment method such as MayBank2U, CIMB Clicks, etc. and then click “Next”!

It will then lead you to a secure page stating the type of payment that you had chosen, then it will lead you to another page with the amount, your details and the type of payment you had chosen! Click proceed and it will then redirect you to the bank’s log in page and you can finish up your payment there!

It’s that easy to have online payment through the MOLPay payment gateway. Not only is the layout neat, user can also easily navigate around easily! Of course most importantly is that MOLPay keeps your information safe and secure!

Before you start paying, there’s a good news to all my readers! You can now enjoy a Mini Softcover 6” x 6” 36 pages Photo Book for only RM4.90 instead of RM69 (exclude shipping fee) with the code JJPHOTOBOOK (valid till 30 September 2017) during check out!  

You can now shop online hassle-free and wait for your item to arrive at your house!



  1. I haven't used MOLpay before even I have heard it thousand times. Still not used to it, a bit scare to try actually

  2. I'm new to MOLPay but will be using it soon due to its convenience. Thanks for sharing the promotion.

  3. I have been using MOLpay before and its pretty good. Quite secure too.

  4. Easy to make payment using MOLPAY Mobile XDK. Fast and secure app.

  5. Many ecommerce sites used MOL. I've used it and it is reliable👍🏻

  6. MOLPay seriously is the most easiest payment that I ever use! Super convenient! ;)

  7. MOLPay makes everything so much simpler! Easy payment

  8. Seem like MOLPay is very convenient for us to shop. =3

  9. Thanks for the detail information, its quite convenient indeed.


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