Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Review

What's my biggest pain being a woman? Getting rid of extra HAIR.
Being someone with hormone imbalance problem, my hair tend to grow really fast especially my facial hair and underarm as well, and me hating the pain (I hate using in shower cream removal as well), I'll just let it grow until it get really out of control sometimes. Not to mention the pain of getting rid of the hair around my bikini line. 
Oh well~ I now don't need to go through the PAIN to get rid of the excess hair with Veet's brand new product - Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer! Yay yay! 

The packaging is pink just like most product from Veet ! ;)

What is included in the packet:

2-sided trimming head for eyebrow shaping
Bikini trimming head for bikini line
2mm & 4mm comb
Styler cap
Bigger sized comb
Cleaning brush
Beauty pouch

Where can you use it:

Eyebrows area
Upper lip area (I love using it on my upper lip!)
Facial hair
Leg and hand
Bikini line area
Underarm (not the best option)

Left: For eyebrow trimming.
Right: For bigger body area parts including underarm, legs, hands and bikini line area.

The use of the comb: To adjust the length of the hair.

A larger comb for your bikini line area. 

How to use the Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer:

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know how to use this! It's actually really easy and convenient to use! You just need to choose which part you would like to trim, change the head according to your needs, then all you need to do is just turn the o ->1 at the bottom part and it will start moving. 
Move the head to the place you would like to trim, and move it opposite way of the direction of your hair growing.
 1) Turn the head to the left, just like the arrow to remove the head from the body.

2) Replace the head with other head that you prefer/need.

3) Turn the bottom part from 0 -> 1 and it will start moving, then just move it near to your skin to remove excess hair. 
Turn the bottom part to the left arrow pointing downwards to remove the bottom cap, and you can change the batteries there.

What I dislike about it:

As it is a trimmer, it doesn't clean off the root that well. So I personally don't think it's suitable for underarm as you will still be able to see the hair root popping out. Otherwise, I'm liking it. 

What I like about it: 

You can really enjoy having a painless hair removing process!
I like that what it does is cutting off your hair, unlike using a razor, this electric trimmer will not hurt your hair pores and will not make your hair grow thicker. 
I also love that it comes with a pouch for you to bring around! 


Brand: Veet
Name: Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer
Price: RM119
Where to buy: Most Pharmacies in Malaysia



  1. wowww...nice info..thanks for sharing..i will buy soon

  2. We also have a brand called Veet here in PH but I don't think they released this product yet. I am eager to try this to remove my unwanted hair especially on my bikini area.

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