Happy Mother's and Father's day with Calvin Klein!

This is an appreciation post for my parents that I'm very lucky to have! 

After living for 23 years, going through endless rebel period during my teenage time. I can now proudly say that I'm very lucky that my parents did not give up on me. I used to be the kid that hated everything that came across me, whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. I hated that I have a huge age gap with my sisters and they couldn't understand or talk to me.

I know that I might have hurt my parents before by saying things that are really rude and stupid.
There was once where my mum actually told me to stay away from some people that I was hanging out with, I was so mad at her and told her that she knows nothing about me. That was almost 9 years ago, and I still feel sorry for saying that to her as I know that she wanted the best for me.

But then with all these nonsense I'm giving, she still doesn't scold me for being such a bad child.
During my teenage time, whenever she ask how was my day, I would only told her "ok lo" and our conversation will stop there. But going through puberty and meeting friends that changed me, I start to talk more to my parents. I will tell them about problems I faced in school and uni, my relationships problem and even gossip about people! Getting to know my mum and dad better.

I'm really thankful that they are giving me so much.
I love you, mum and dad. 

Oh wait you think the post ended? NO.
Mother's day and Father's day are just around the corner, have you prepared anything for your parents? Fret not if you haven't, Calvin Klein is giving away watches for your parents!

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  1. Mum and dad would never give up to raise us. We are lucky to be their children . Omg.I remain of my parent now.

  2. A lovely family photo sharing byyou :) good luck for your participation;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing


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